Fridge Door Pricing

How much are DoubleCOOL fridge doors going to cost? Each installation and configuration of refrigeration cabinet to door solution differs, but we have created a handy guide for convenience stores to work out an estimate turnkey cost.

Pricing Calculator

Input details of your cabinets and our online retail fridge door estimator will provide budget prices which include doors, handles, adapter profiles, and installation. If you only need specific components, please contact us direct. Multisite stores, supermarkets with a requirement of 100+ doors, and chains should contact us directly to take advantage of economies of scale, and full project pricing.

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Our cabinet sizes

Below are three examples of indicative material costs to installing DoubleCOOL acrylic fridge doors. We have demonstrated examples in refrigeration cabinet sizes 3.75m, and 2.5m along with a typical shop layout. Don’t worry if you are unsure how to measure your refrigeration cabinets as the DoubleCOOL team will visit your store and measure them precisely as our doors are always made to measure.

3.75m cabinets

Based on the above layout the 3.75m cabinet configuration would include 6 doors, 3 top adapter profiles and 3 bottom adaptor profiles.

Estimated cost £3,635+VAT

2.5m cabinets

Based on the above layout the 2.5m cabinet configuration would include 4 doors, 2 top adapter profiles and 2 bottom adaptor profiles.

Estimated cost £2,940+VAT

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