We work across the UK with business owners of shops trading from one location; with franchise holders of multi-location convenience stores; right through to refrigerator engineers who specify on behalf of big, well-known supermarket chains.

“We have 10m of open-fronted fridges, which made our shop cold, particularly in the winter months and was hard for the fridges regulate efficient temperatures in the summer. A year ago, we retro- fitted DoubleCOOL doors to our refrigerator cabinets, and we’ve seen a significant drop in our electricity usage. The fridges are running more efficiently as they maintain a consistent temperature and no longer release cold air into the shop. Now our electricity costs have reduced by half compared to the same period last year when we had open-fronted fridges, and the staff are no longer shivering!”

Convenience Store, West Midlands

It was so cold in our chiller aisle that we had to equip staff with extra clothing to work there. They were spending so much time replenishing and rearranging products on shelves to face up. The introduction of DoubleCOOL fridge doors has eliminated ‘cold aisle syndrome’. Staff are now comfortable working in the aisle without having to add extra layers of clothing, and they spend far less time tidying up the displays. We can see that customers now look and consider their choices before opening the doors and taking out what they want to purchase. Replenishment is quick and easy, as the doors open right back on themselves and stay open whilst the staff restock.”

Supermarket, Bristol

Installing new Multideck Chiller cabinets with DoubleCOOL doors in our supermarkets has vastly reduced energy consumption and therefore cost. This has made a significant impact on our progress towards net zero carbon emissions. When we considered the move to introduce doors, we were concerned that the physical barrier – albeit clear – might also be a barrier to sales. However, our experience is that sales of products from behind doors, have been unaffected by the installation. Introducing DoubleCOOL is returning substantial energy savings and has helped us to make tangible progress towards our environmental commitments.”

Procurement team, Supermarket Chain

“I was so surprised when I first opened the new fridge doors at my local supermarket. They are so much lighter than some glass one that I see, and they close easily without much effort at all. A big improvement.  When I learned about the environmental benefits the doors gave, well. I am fully in support of this supermarket for their efforts. Well done to them.”

Shopper, West Midlands

“The DoubleCOOL doors are really lightweight, so transporting them to store and manoeuvring them into place is much easier than traditional heavier glass door installations. DoubleCOOL doors are much more forgiving than glass, we’ve found acrylic is strong, making DoubleCOOL doors far less likely to crack during installation. They are so quick and easy to install, too – I recommend them to all my clients now!”

Refrigerator Engineer, Derbyshire