Banish cold aisle syndrome

Banish cold aisle syndrome

Every shopper has experienced it, and rushed straight down it, with a longing to escape to a warmer place. But what is it? It’s cold aisle syndrome and its effects are being felt in supermarkets and convenience stores all around the UK, in this, the depths of the British winter.

And cold aisles don’t just affect customer comfort in falling temperatures, they cause falling sales too! Cold shoppers simply don’t want to hang around in cold aisles. They don’t browse, they keep their eyes straight ahead, hands in pockets, huddled into their coats. At best, they just grab the bare essentials – like milk.

Turning up the in-store heating is just like fighting a losing battle, as open-fronted chillers work even harder, using more energy to keep their contents – and the air in the aisle – cold. The only thing you’re going to raise, is your own temperature when you see your winter energy bill! So, what’s the solution?

Retrofit DoubleCOOL fridge doors to your open-fronted chillers, shut in the cold air, keep the shopping environment warm and the customers comfortable, so that they browse and take time to be enticed by the crystal-clear contents of the fridges, without freezing shoppers into inactivity.

This is an instant fix, you start to banish cold aisle syndrome and save on your energy bill from the very moment the doors are fitted. And – it’s not just a winter solution. Come spring and summer and the temperature in the aisles increases, the DoubleCOOL doors will be keeping the cool air contained in your fridges, and they won’t be overworking to cool the store down.

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