Fridge doors for convenience stores

What can DoubleCOOL do for you?

Retrofit DoubleCOOL doors to your open fridge cabinets and reduce your energy usage by up to 60%. With rising energy costs, there’s never been a better time to fit fridge doors in convenience stores.

Reduce costs, save energy, and make an immediate impact to your bottom line.

Operating even one open fridge consumes masses of energy as it works extra hard to constantly cool warm air down. Whatever the size and spec of your existing chiller cabinets, our experience has shown that retrofitting doors seals in freshness, maintains chiller temperatures, reduces breakdowns and critically – CAN MINIMISE ENERGY USAGE BY AS MUCH AS 60%.


Use our handy energy saving calculator as a guide to the savings you could access.

How much will it cost?

Our retro fit doors are made-to-measure to fit your exact specification of chiller cabinet. Our experienced team will survey your site, design, check and fulfil your order, with millimetre-perfect precision. We will provide a detailed quotation and indication of cost savings to your business. Want to understand costs? Visit our pricing calculator for an estimate.

retrofit to your existing cabinets (1)

Retro-fit to your existing cabinets

DoubleCOOL systems can be retrofitted to most existing cabinet types.

Double up on strength

Double pane cast acrylic is robust and built to last; shatterproof from trolley, basket or pushchair impact. Scratchproof, UV stable and condensation free with safety features such as rounded edges, door stop and soft and quiet self-closing hinge system.

Double up on strength (1)
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Frameless doors give a great view of products.

Soft self close hinge from 40 deg (1)

Soft, self-close hinge from 40 degrees.

Adding doors regulates the temperature ... (1)

Adding doors regulates the temperature thus lowering food wastage.

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We can handle it

DoubleCOOL’s ergonomic, easy grip handles are available in stainless steel or clear acrylic polymer. Mechanically fitted for longevity and busy shopping environments. The large handle, centrally positioned makes it easy for wheelchair users and or those with a disability to easily open and operate the refrigeration door.

Help to prevent the spread of viruses in your retail store by choosing DoubleCOOL antibacterial door handles which are infused with a micro antibacterial chemical during production.

Unlike glass, acrylic doors are strong, robust and resistant to breakage.

DoubleCOOL lightweight doors are easy to open.

Most installations are within ten weeks of order, at a time to suit you.

Replacement doors available from stock for next day delivery.

Project profile

NISA Blackpool, installed 32 fridge doors now saving in excess of £400 per month!