Case Studies

Want to see some real-world examples? Read our case studies to learn how we’ve helped clients save money and energy by installing DoubleCOOL doors across the United Kingdom.

MPK continues to lower energy use with nationwide roll-out

July 2023

Switched on petrol forecourt operators, MPK Garages Group committed to fitting fridge doors on open chillers across their entire petrol station estate. Impressed by the 40% reduction in energy usage following installing doors on fridges at MPK Junction Station, Long Eaton pilot site in 2022 they have commissioned DoubleCOOL to fit fridge doors to their open chillers, in 28 further petrol station convenience shops.


Over the past six months, Staffordshire-based DoubleCOOL have enclosed 253 meters of open chiller frontage with their durable, double paned, acrylic Swing1 doors, in 25 MPK operated sites across the Midlands, as far north as County Durham, to Bristol in the south of England. In total, 406 doors have now been installed. As a result, MPK Garages Group has been able to reduce operational costs inline with original forecasts, despite the drastic rise in electricity costs. Each site is now consuming less kW, which is off-setting the energy price rise, critically resulting in containing costs and keeping MPK on track to achieve retail targets. MPK are predicting a ROI in just 12 months.


Wayne Harrand, MPK Garage’s Retail Director commented, “Installation has gone smoothly at all sites, with no disruption to trading. We are now seeing consistent temperatures on the chillers, even in this summer’s hot weather. By taking away the strain on the chillers and reducing the need for maintenance, we’ve also experienced better food quality and hence less food wastage. The results we’ve achieved with this cool move to enclose fridges, were a hot topic of conversation at a recent retail industry conference. We would highly recommend any retailer with open chillers to fit fridge doors. The reasons are as crystal clear as DoubleCOOL’s doors! It’s a simple energy saving solution, good for the environment and has no negative impact on consumer spend. We’ve found shoppers are very supportive of the move, as they realise and understand what we are doing to provide a better consumer experience, save energy, and the environment.”

SPAR convenience Store, Stafford

June 2023

At the ACS (Association of Convenience Stores) conference back in April, Spar Convenience Stores Director, Julian Taylor-Green, was so impressed with DoubleCOOL’s presentation he immediately ordered doors for his Spar store in Stafford.


The installation of 34 doors enclosing 21.25m frontage of chiller cabinets housing soft drinks, dairy, meat, wines, and beers took place in June, and already Julian’s Spar shop is enjoying the benefits.


Having previously purchased fridges with doors, staff and customers have found DoubleCOOL doors to be much lighter, easier to use, and make merchandising simpler. Staff have particularly noticed the change in store temperature and looking forward in earnest to a warmer, more pleasant winter.


Getting the doors in place from the original order to fitment took just a matter of weeks. The weekend of installation in early June was a hot one, and the fridges were running at 7-8 degrees. On completion, the lessened duress on the fridges was immediately apparent with post-installation temperatures of 2-3 degrees behind the DoubleCOOL doors.


“Everything Zoe claimed about the doors was true. It’s a cliché, but they did everything they said on the tin, and there was no sales flannel! We conservatively predict that we will save 25% on energy usage, which translates to an approximate monthly saving of £1200, and an investment payback within 18 months. The installation was hassle free, the engineers worked around the store fit out schedule and the doors fit perfect. Our customers have been very complimentary about the smart looking cabinets, and tidy display of the stock. We are confident that we will experience better temperature control within the shop itself. The shop will be much warmer in winter, without the cool air from the fridges escaping, reducing the demands for heating, which will further enhance the energy savings we are currently experiencing. In summary, I’d advise other operators not to hesitate to fit DoubleCOOL doors on open cabinets. The payback is genuine and there are big cost savings to be had.” Julian Taylor-Green, Director, Spar Stafford

MPK Junction Petrol Station, Long Eaton, Derbyshire

December 2022

MPK Garages Group really are switched on when it comes to energy saving. Using bespoke energy data management analysis, they concluded that their open-fronted instore chillers, at their test site – Junction Petrol Station in Derbyshire, were accounting for 42% of the site’s energy overall.

The solution to reducing their energy usage was simple. They chose to retrofit durable, double paned, acrylic Swing1 fridge doors from DoubleCOOL. In double quick time, we installed 14 doors to approx. 8.75m of their open-fronted chillers. The installation took place over the course of a day, section by section, with minimal interruption to trading.


Since the installation, the MPK Group have continued to closely monitor energy usage, collecting and analysing the data. Results of the first month showed that an incredible 40% reduction in energy was achieved. In real terms, this represents a cost saving of £8k, and the installation will pay for itself well within a year, and will continue to keep paying back, year upon year. The success of the test site at Junction Petrol Station, has MPK all set to roll out fridge door installation to the wider group, of 26 further petrol station forecourts.


“Energy is one of the highest operating costs for our business and rising daily. It was (and is) imperative to look for energy reduction solutions to help energy efficiency, lower energy costs and improve environmental performance. In September 2022 we installed 14 DoubleCOOL Swing 1 doors (which is approx. 8.75m) to our refrigeration cabinets. The impact was immediate, we monitored our energy consumption and saw over 50% savings in the first month. We predict an annual energy cost saving of up to £8,000 meaning a payback on the doors in less than 12 months.” Comments Wayne Harrand Retail Director at MPK Garages.

Premier, Yoxall Staffordshire

October 2022

Yoxall Village Store and Post Office is operated under the Premier symbol, serving a rural Staffordshire community, of less than 2k residents, seven days a week from 7am until 9pm.


The general store owners aspire to a modern, open plan, visually pleasing store design, with a layout that’s accessible, appealing and comfortable for shoppers. When it came to enclosing 5 meters of open refrigeration cabinets, this local, independent retailer turned to DoubleCOOL for double quick supply and installation of 8, Swing 1 fridge doors.


Now their dairy produce, juices and pop, fresh meats and chilled produce including ready meals, sit neatly behind double paned acrylic hinged doors. Customers are benefitting from 100% transparency of neatly displayed chilled produce, accessed by lightweight smooth-opening and self-closing hinged doors, that are condensation free and have a finger safety gap. The Swing 1 doors are keeping the cold in, reducing the fridge’s power requirements, and preventing the store feeling cold for customers. Co-owner Mr Culbinder Singh is also set to benefit from a 60% reduction in energy usage, now that’s worth getting in touch with DoubleCOOL for!

NISA LOCAL, Blackpool, Lancashire

September 2022

Energy savings are starting to add up at Nisa Local (part of the Coop group) in Blackpool. Since DoubleCOOL retrofitted 32 Swing 1 acrylic fridge doors to their previously open-fronted fridges.

Like many convenience store operators, Blackpool’s Nisa Local franchisees were looking to make energy cost savings. With an 18.75m run of open chiller cabinets, constantly expelling costly chilled air into the shop, there was an instant energy saving to be had.

Nisa Local chose to display their “grab and go” meal deals, ready meals, dairy, meat, chilled alcoholic and soft drinks, behind closed doors. The installation took just 2 days, with minimal impact on the store operations, and the subsequent energy savings and benefits were instant.

With stainless steel, accessible handles, self-closing hinges with safety finger gaps, and great product visibility, there’s been no negative affect on sales of chilled ranges. With fridge energy cost savings alone in year one predicted at £7.5k, the retrofit fridge door return on investment will payback in well under two years.

Aldi's energy saving action in DoubleCOOL's hometown

September 2022

As part of its energy reduction initiative, supermarket giant Aldi is set to save the equivalent of over 2,000 tonnes of carbon emissions a year, by installing fridge doors as standard in its new and newly refurbished stores.


DoubleCOOL were delighted to supply and fit their innovative fridge door solution to the Aldi store chiller aisle, in Uttoxeter, right on DoubleCOOL HQ’s doorstep. As part of its contract with Aldi, over 80m of DoubleCOOL fridge doors were installed in September 2022. The supermarket chain estimate that each store will reduce its energy consumption by approximately 20%, equivalent to a carbon emissions saving of up to 20 tonnes per store, each year – just by fitting fridge doors. That’s great news for Uttoxeter!


Michael Ham, Managing Director of DoubleCOOL, said: “It is fantastic to work with Aldi and for our staff to now see and feel the benefits of DoubleCOOL doors in action as they shop local, just brings  the impact of what we’re doing home.”

“Every fridge door we fit, whether in top supermarkets, or independently operated local shops, is lowering energy consumption, reducing carbon emissions, and saving operators money on energy. It’s a very rewarding enterprise to be part of.”


Aldi, who last month took fourth place in GB’s grocery store market share*, have a very determined approach to reduce store energy consumption, minimise its carbon emissions and climate impact. The supermarket, which has been carbon neutral since January 2019, has already reduced its carbon footprint by more than 55% since 2012 through a number of sustainability initiatives.


Mary Dunn, Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility at Aldi UK, said: “Introducing fridge doors is another step on that journey to reduce our energy consumption and we hope that customers enjoy the new, more sustainable shopping experience.”


It’s a journey we’re happy to be on with Aldi, and other chilled produce retailers, large and small, near and far.

Morrisions Daily, Llansantffraid, Wales

August 2022

This busy store, alongside a petrol station underwent a massive refurbishment as it moved to operate under the Morrisons Daily retail brand. Subsequently, EC Ashton & Son – the franchisee – have enclosed 7.5m of chilled drinks cabinets using DoubleCOOL Swing 1 Doors.

In April 2022, the store tripled its chilled range and underwent a massive refurbishment to improve customer experience, as it became a Morrisons Daily franchise.


The 7.5m stretch of chilled alcoholic drinks shelving was originally left open, however with running cost and customer comfort in mind, DoubleCOOL undertook the conversion to enclose the cabinets. With minimal interruption to trading – the store is open from 7.30am until 10pm daily – the retrofit of 12 Swing 1 fridge doors was completed in August 2022.


Now the white wine, rose and fizz sits alongside lagers and real ale IPAs cooling behind closed doors, with the chiller temperature maintained, energy usage reduced and increased customer comfort. The operators are so pleased with the results, that they’ve already placed an order for retrofitting DoubleCOOL fridge doors in a second store.