Swing 2 Hinged Door

Find the cooler cabinet door solution to suit your store, your timeframe, your budget and your customers. When specifying completely new OEM refrigerated cabinets, DoubleCOOL’s Swing 2 Hinged Doors are made-to-measure to fit your exact specification.

DoubleCOOL swing 2 hinged door advantages

  • Temperature consistency resulting in better food quality.
  • Double pane cast acrylic is robust and built to last.
  • Shatterproof and resistant to trolley impacts.
  • UV stable and condensation free.
  • Attractive, contemporary seamless, frameless design.
  • Semi integrated (hidden) hinge.
  • Smooth acrylic sheet with bonded handle .

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Slim design of the invisible Swing 2 hinge creates maximum visibility of stock..


All corners have soft round edges.


Added safety for a gentle and quiet closing door.

Energy saving

DoubleCOOL Swing 2 Hinged Doors are great for the environment, save energy and are 100% recyclable. They are proven to reduce electricity costs by up to 60% compared to open cabinets. Improved temperature distribution reduces food waste and extends technical lifetime of the refrigeration system.


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100% transparent

The DoubleCOOL Swing 2 Hinged doors show no conden­sation and provide a unique clear frameless view all along the shopping aisle. Lightweight with easy, soft and intuitive opening and closing door hinges for a positive consumer shopping experience. Durable, maintenance-free, and wide opening angles to aid re-stocking make DoubleCOOL Swing 2 Hinged doors a perfect choice for retailers.

A complete solution

We will work collaboratively with your OEM cabinet provider to provide a made to measure Swing 2 door to perfectly fit your new cabinet. Your new refrigeration cabinet will arrive in store complete with Swing 2 doors attached.