• Smoothly opening up to 170 degrees
  • 100% transparent 
  • Reduce energy costs by up to 60%
  • Unique double pane lightweight design
  • Self closing hinges with safety gap
  • UV stable and condensation free
  • Robust, durable and maintenance free 
  • Easy installation process 

Invisible Hinge

Slim design of the invisible hinge creates maximum visibility of stock.


Soft edges

All corners have soft round edges. 


Door stopper

Added safety for a gentle and quiet closing of the door.

100% Transparent

The DoubleCOOL Swing 2 Hinged doors show no condense and provide a unique clear frameless view all along the shopping aisle. Lightweight with easy, soft and intuitive opening and closing door hinges for a positive consumer shopping experience.  Durable, maintenance and wide opening angles to aid re-stocking making DoubleCOOL Swing 2 Hinged doors a perfect choice for retailers.  

Energy saving

DoubleCOOL Swing 2 Hinged doors are great for the environment saving energy and 100% recyclable. They are proven to reduce electricity costs by up to 60% compared to open cabinets. Improved temperature distribution reduces food waste and the technical lifetime of the refrigeration system.

Safe and durable

Double COOL refrigeration doors are shatter-proof, they don’t break or splinter like glass and are robust enough to withstand busy shopping environments. All edges have soft corners, a safety gap (to prevent trapped figures) soft-close hinges and cushioned door stoppers for a safe quiet experience for shoppers and staff. Ergonomic easy grip handles to intuitively guide shoppers to swing open. 

Easy Installation

After a site visit, we will confirm your exact refrigeration door requirements, either a stock item or bespoke model. Installation is precise, swift and carried out to suit your business, causing minimum disruption and ensuring you keep the doors of your business open. Where possible we will work collaboratively with your maintenance team and refrigeration engineers to minimise installation convenience. 

To find out more, let’s talk about your specific requirements and how we can help. At DoubleCOOL our door is always open to you.