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DoubleCOOL doors can be retrofitted to most refrigeration cabinets. As soon as you place an order, DoubleCOOL schedule a site survey and confirm the door design, appropriate fitting kit along with a detailed quotation.

YES! By fitting fridge doors to open chiller cabinets, you can expect to save on energy in the order of between 40-60%. Immediately reduce energy usage of your fridges and save money from the day you fit DoubleCOOL fridge doors.

With energy costs rising, the payback on investment reduces significantly. Based on a 2.5m cabinet efficiency of 6kWh and a cost of 35p per kWh, typical investment payback is under two years. For the same cabinet efficiency but a cost of 80p per kWh, typical payback is less than 6 months. We have created a handy energy saving calculator here.

Firstly, we do a site survey to establish the door heights and adapter kit requirement. From fridge doors we hold in stock, installation can be 4 weeks from receipt of order. With DoubleCOOL you’re dealing directly with the innovator and manufacturer of acrylic fridge doors. Even if we have to make the doors from scratch, you can expect installation within 12 weeks from order confirmation.

Cast acrylic, which is cast in sheet form, and then formed and bonded into a double pane configuration. The whole manufacturing process is undertaken by DoubleCOOL. They are typically half the weight of glass but extremely robust.

For a robustness that will remain strong and secure after many, many thousands of openings. The screwed in handle is superior in use to a glued on handle, which have a higher likelihood of coming unstuck!

Swing 1 fridge doors from DoubleCOOL have a safety gap to prevent trapped fingers when the door is in use. These are specifically designed to have minimal effect on thermal efficiency of the door, overall.

Ever noticed customers rush through the chilled section? That’s because the temperature is low making for an uncomfortable shopping environment, as the open fridges expel cold air into the aisle. This discomfort, and the resultant rush, is known as cold aisle syndrome.

Yes, in all the right ways! Doors keep cold in and the temperature consistent throughout the full depth of the cabinet, preventing stock that’s nearer the front being warmer. That makes for better, more consistent product quality, and freshness and means customers don’t ruin your displays by digging to the back to find the coldest product, and misplacing products at the front.

Yes! The cold from the cabinet doesn’t spill out into the shop. Staff and shoppers are more comfortable, and shoppers are likely to linger longer and purchase more if they’re not subjected to cold aisle syndrome.

Many of our customers have been able to lower their shop’s heating temperature, reducing energy usage further, and saving even more on energy costs.

Yes, we require a 20% deposit when you place the order. Payment of the deposit triggers a site visit, at which point details of the order are checked, confirmed and verified. If, for any reason the order does not progress past this point, for example if we are unable to retrofit to your existing cabinets the order is cancelled but the deposit is not refundable. The balance of the cost is invoiced at time of installation or delivery.

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