Aldi’s energy saving action in DoubleCOOL’s hometown

Aldi’s energy saving action in DoubleCOOL’s hometown

As part of its energy reduction initiative, supermarket giant Aldi is set to save the equivalent of over 2,000 tonnes of carbon emissions a year, by installing fridge doors as standard in its new and newly refurbished stores.

DoubleCOOL were delighted to supply and fit their innovative fridge door solution to the Aldi store chiller aisle, in Uttoxeter, right on DoubleCOOL HQ’s doorstep. As part of its contract with Aldi, over 80m of DoubleCOOL fridge doors were installed in September 2022. The supermarket chain estimate that each store will reduce its energy consumption by approximately 20%, equivalent to a carbon emissions saving of up to 20 tonnes per store, each year – just by fitting fridge doors. That’s great news for Uttoxeter!

Michael Ham, Managing Director of DoubleCOOL, said: “It is fantastic to work with Aldi and for our staff to now see and feel the benefits of DoubleCOOL doors in action as they shop local, just brings the impact of what we’re doing home.”

“Every fridge door we fit, whether in top supermarkets, or independently operated local shops, is lowering energy consumption, reducing carbon emissions, and saving operators money on energy. It’s a very rewarding enterprise to be part of.”

Aldi, who last month took fourth place in GB’s grocery store market share*, have a very determined approach to reduce store energy consumption, minimise its carbon emissions and climate impact. The supermarket, which has been carbon neutral since January 2019, has already reduced its carbon footprint by more than 55% since 2012 through a number of sustainability initiatives.

Mary Dunn, Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility at Aldi UK, said: “Introducing fridge doors is another step on that journey to reduce our energy consumption and we hope that customers enjoy the new, more sustainable shopping experience.”

It’s a journey we’re happy to be on with Aldi, and other chilled produce retailers, large and small, near and far.

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