Get a grip on DoubleCOOL handles

Get a grip on DoubleCOOL handles

Inherent in fridge doors, operational in thousands of busy stores across the UK and Europe, they get used hundreds of millions of times a year. Constantly pulled and pushed, and yet we hardly notice them. That’s because they are well-designed and robust to do the job and to do it well! Refrigerator door handles!

Stylish design for clear visibility

Like DoubleCOOL doors, customers can choose a clear acrylic polymer handle, which makes them almost invisible on the door offering a sleek, uninterrupted view of the chiller’s stock, while still maintaining a tight grip on functionality.

Take hold of tactile fridge door handles

Our stainless-steel handle option suits some styles of store fitouts, and can be matched with brushed steel fixtures and fixings. All DoubleCOOL handles are mechanically fitted for longevity and with very busy shopping environments in mind, this handle offers a very tactile feel, both in temperature and form.

Clean handles helping to stop the spread of germs

To help prevent the spread of viruses in store, DoubleCOOL offer antibacterial door handles which are infused with a micro antibacterial chemical during production. The handle resists surface contamination thus helping to reduce infection transmission.  Such a great innovation and demonstrates to shoppers that we keep their health and safety at the forefront of our solutions.

Everyone can get a grip

DoubleCOOL takes a very inclusive approach and has developed a longer ergonomic door handle option, for improved accessibility of people such as wheelchair users, or those of short stature or limited arm strength and mobility. The large, centrally positioned handles, make it simple for shoppers to grasp and easily open and close the shop’s fridge doors.

Handles here for you today and every day

All DoubleCOOL door handles are mechanically fitted to ensure they can withstand multiple uses per day.  Robust, strong, and well-designed, all you need to do is choose the right handle for you and your customers?

Ready to get your hands on our handles? Give us a call today on 01283 586028 to find out more.