Meet Zoe, DoubleCOOL’s Sales Account Manager

Meet Zoe, DoubleCOOL’s Sales Account Manager

As our new Sales Account manager, Zoe will be looking after customers in the convenience sector. She’s very enthusiastic to be helping store operators lower their energy bills and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Eyes opened to energy saving potential

Zoe is aiming to open doors and convenience shop owner’s eyes, to realising the savings available by installing DoubleCOOL retail refrigerator door solutions. “It’s been a real eye opener for me to learn how much energy is wasted in shops running open refrigerator units. I’m on a mission to help convenience stores grow their profitability and reduce their energy usage. I can’t wait to spread the word about the DoubleCOOL solution and what a difference local shops can make, to a global challenge,” comments Zoe.

At your convenience

With a background in sales, accounts, business development and customer service, gained in hospitality, finance and the pharmaceutical industry, Zoe is keen to make new connections in retail. She’ll get a great chance to do just that at the world’s number one retail trade fair – EuroShop, where she’ll be taking to the DoubleCOOL stand in Dusseldorf from Monday 27th February to Thursday 2nd March. You will also get the chance to meet Zoe, at the Association of Convenience Sector ACS Conference and National Convenience Show, in Birmingham, on 25th April this year.

What’s behind Zoe’s fridge door?

It’s always a good DoubleCOOL conversation opener to ask what random or controversial items people keep in their fridge at home. Zoe told us she always keeps carrots for the dogs, chocolate for herself and… food for her pet lobster, called Loopy Lobster! Now that’s certainly something to ask her about!

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