Petrol station cuts energy costs by 40%

Petrol station cuts energy costs by 40%

Junction Petrol Station part of the MPK Garages Group has reported a 40% energy reduction since installing DoubleCool doors to its refrigeration cabinets.

It’s the headline we’ve all been waiting for, and one that’s makes positive reading for Junction Petrol Station, in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. The petrol station and convenience store is operated by MPK Garages Group, who are recognised as one of the “Top 10 Indies” by Forecourt Trader.

As part of their refurbishment strategy, Junction Petrol Station was chosen by the group to be a test site for a potential energy saving initiative. Using bespoke energy management data analysis, they concluded that their open-fronted chillers used 4000kWh of the 9450kWh the site consumed in electricity each month. That represented a massive 42% of the entire operation’s use.

Constantly chilling fresh food and drinks with chilled air expelling into the store, made for an uncomfortable shopping experience, and was costing them dearly. The solution was an open and shut case to put doors on those fridges, and they didn’t need to look far to find the right people to help.

Just 30 miles away they found DoubleCOOL UK who supply and fit well-engineered, durable, double paned acrylic fridge doors, that are transparent, unintrusive, lightweight and easy to use. They had all the features to ensure that there was no compromise to customer experience, and they were available to be fitted in double quick time, with minimal impact on trading during installation.

Instantly, MPK’s energy management software showed a reduction in electricity usage. The resultant graph showed an eye-opening 40% reduction, which translates to a saving of over £1k a month. The installation will pay for itself well within a year and it’s no surprise that the MPK Group are set to roll out fridge door installation across their portfolio.

Mike Ham, MD at DoubleCOOL said, “It’s gratifying to see that our fridge door solution can make such staggering savings. We are on a mission to close retail fridges to reduce energy usage with the benefits not only for operational cost savings, but also for the environment. The proven results from the test site of MPK has strengthened our resolve, and we can’t wait to get going on fridge door retrofits for more petrol stations convenience stores.”

DoubleCOOL offer a handy energy saving calculator for retrofitted fridge doors for convenience stores, on their website at find out what you could save!